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Newsletter - Vol 1. No 1. "Hurricane Special" April 2007
2007 Hurricane Forecast
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All of us are aware that living on the peninsula has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. The major disadvantage is the hurricanes. We hope those hurricanes stay away from us. But when one hits, we always have to be prepared to get back on our feet with minimal interruptions to our and our clients' businesses.

The Tropical Meteorology folks over at Colorado State (the Klotzbach and Gray group) are forecasting another busy season this year with 17 named storms, 9 hurricanes (5 of which will be intense hurricanes). It's similar to their forecast this time last year but with fewer hurricane days.

According to their summary of last year's season, last year's season turned out to be a dud (thankfully) because of El Niño. With it dissipating, this year could turn out to be a busy one. They also predict a 73% probability of a tropical storm making landfall along the east coast, 66% for a Cat 1-2 hurricane and 50% for a Cat 3-5 hurricane.

The NHC forecast will probably be similar, although it'll be a few more weeks before that one comes out. The 2007 Atlantic hurricane season will officially start June 1, 2007, and last until November 30, 2007.

What can we do for you

During 2005 hurricane season, a lot of retail sign companies gave deposits to manufacturers who did not have the capacity to meet the demand and ended up in lawsuits. So next time, before you give your deposit to your wholesale manufacturer, know their capabilities.

We have two unique in-house engineered high production forming ovens that are capable of producing up to 150 formed sign faces per day compared to any other competitor's old oven that makes 20 faces/day.

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Founded in 1977, Daniels Wholesale Sign & Plastics, Inc. is one of the nations fastest growing wholesale sign manufacturers, geared toward today's fast paced sign industry. Daniels specializes in plastic formed sign faces. We also create channel letters, extruded and custom sign cabinets, neon, and routered products of all shapes and sizes to fit your signage needs.
Face Forming Oven
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