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Acrysteel VS Polycarbonate
Acrysteel© impact resistant sheet products offer many advantages over the polycarbonate sheet products being marketed today.

Balance of Properties
Acrysteel is engineered to give a "preferred balance" of physical properties and performance.

Impact Resistance
The impact strength is five to six times that of ordinary acrylic. It has sufficient impact strength to reduce delays in the sign-installation process associated with breakage in the fabricator's plant, transportation to the job site and during field installation.

Weather Resistance
Acrysteel "weathers" better than polycarbonate. It withstands long-term exposure in the harshest climates without losing its gloss or color intensity naturally.

Superior Warranty
Manufacturer of Acrysteel©, Aristech Acrylics LLC warrants that, for a period of ten years from the date of original purchase from Aristech, colorless, smooth Aristech Acrysteel is guaranteed not to yellow more than five yellowness index units during 10 years of exposure to outdoor weathering. Specific terms of this limited warranty are available upon request from them.

Abrasion Resistance
Acrysteel is more abrasion resistant than uncoated polycarbonate. The higher barcol hardness offers better resistance to abrasion during fabrication, transportation, installation and end use.

Thermoforming (Sheet Preparation)
Pre-drying to remove moisture is not required, saving time, energy costs and allowing for more flexible scheduling.

Thermoforming (Shrinkage)
Acrysteel has less unrestrained shrinkage than polycarbonate after thermoforming. Thus, pre-silk screen painting is easier to control with less variation from batch to batch. Acrysteel can be heated in sheet hanging ovens and free formed without concern for excessive draping or shrinkage.

Thermoforming (Reforming)
Unlike polycarbonate, Acrysteel has a remarkable ability to forgive operator errors and equipment irregularity. Acrysteel can be reheated and reformed into an acceptable part. Mold mark-off from a prior forming can be reduced by reforming at a higher temperature.

Acrysteel can be cemented with the same products recommended for use on Aristech GPA acrylic sheet. Special adhesives needed on polycarbonate are not required.

Clear Acrysteel does not contain any tinting agent. Many polycarbonate sheets contain either a blue or gray tint to aid in the weathering process.

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