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Formed Faces

Wholesale Sign Faces,
Vacuum Formed Sign Faces,
Pan Sign Faces,
Embossed Plastic Sign Faces,
Acrysteel X15 Sign Faces,
Lexan Polycarbonate Sign Faces

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Vacuum Forming

White X15 Sign FacesHere at Wholesale Sign Super Store, wholesale manufacturer of outdoor and indoor lighted signs, we put flat plastic sheets into unique inhouse designed ovens to heat it up. Then the vacuum pulls down the plastic over a mold to form a plastic pan face. Pan embossed forming adds to the strength and durability of the plastic sign face. Text or graphics can either be sprayed to the second surface (back of pan) or vinyl can be applied to the first surface (front) of the pan face. Embossed lettering and graphics can literally stand out for a bolder look. Pan faces can also be used as reader boards or changeable letter signs by adding tracks. Formed and ribbed faces are popular for changeable copy boards and gas price changers.

Vacuum Forming Ovens

Vacuum Forming OvensWe have two unique in-house engineered high production vacuum forming ovens that are capable of producing up to 150 formed sign faces per day compared to any other competitor's oven that makes 20 faces/day. This makes Wholesale Sign Super Store "hurricane-proof", and allows to meet any demand for sign faces in the SouthEastern United States. We can make a sign face with Acrysteelİ X15 as large as 10' x 21' in one piece. With Polycarbonate (Lexanİ) as large as 8' x 14' in one piece.


We form exclusively with Aristech Acrysteel© (high impact acrylic, a.k.a. X-15) and GE Lexan© (solar grade polycarbonate). We prefer Acrysteel©. The most evident effect of the elements on a rigid plastic sign face is yellowing. This is particularly true of plastic sign faces with white backgrounds. For long-term clarity (8-10 years), the acrylics are often recommended because they will not significantly alter the color of the underlying sign graphics during that time period. Both materials are impact resistant, withstand high wind, certain hurricanes and blizzards.

Acrysteel© vs. polycarbonate sheet comparison:

Acrysteel© (X-15)

You can read more about Acrysteel© vs. Polycarbonatehere.

Types of plastic sign faces
  • Flat faces
  • Pan Faces
  • Pan Embossed/Debossed Faces
  • Custom Pan Faces
Clear Sign Face Embossed Painted Sign Faces
Clear embossed face
Embossed Painted Face


Flat faces

Applying vinyl to flat acrylic sheets is very popular. This is a very useful application in many cases. But, some caution should be used when dealing in this area. It is not recommend using a flat face when the lamps in the face will be closer than 4" from the sign face. With the lamps being too close to the face you might see the image of the bulbs, plus the heat factor can cause problems to the face. It is also not recommend using flat faces in cases where the dimensions are greater than 32 square feet. A flat face loses its strength as it becomes larger and runs the risk of being blown out of the cabinet during strong winds, hurricanes, tornadoes.

Pan Faces

Pan faces are an excellent alternative to flat faces. The face is vacuum formed to a depth of 1.5 ". This gives more than just a decorative appearance to the face, it adds strength and durability. You may order white pan faces and apply your own translucent vinyl or you may wish to have us back spray the artwork in translucent paints so it will come to you completely finished.

Sign Faces with regular standar square corners Sign Faces with round radius corners
White Pan Face
White Pan Face with
radius corners


White X15 Sign Faces  Sign Face with Vinyl
White Pan Face with
radius corners
Applying Vinyl on
White Pan Face


Pan Embossed/Debossed Faces

Pan embossed faces are similar to pan faces, but some or all of the copy may be raised. Dies are placed on top of the mold to create this effect. Embossed pans can cosmetically improve the appearance of the face as well as adding additional strength.

Painted embossed Sign Faces
Hand painted embossed face "Bagel Man".

Custom Pan Faces

Creativity pays. Be creative. Signs do not have to be built in a rectangular shape. Custom signs sell. The price is always higher due to custom molds, but sometimes creative artwork wins out over a price. Do a sketch of the artwork you have in mind and ask your sign company (if you are a sign owner, ask your sign company. If you are a sign company, then ask us – your wholesaler) to quote the project. Your account representative may have some other ideas to develop into your sketch to make the project feasible and more affordable.

Pan Face Hangrails

Depending on the extrusion, formed faces can be manufactured in one of 3 hangrails if requested:

Zip Outside Outside Inside
Zip Outside Hangrail Outside Hangrail Inside Hangrail

Turn Around Time

We offer very competitive turn around times in the industry. Each job is unique and custom. Call us for details with your job specifications. In a bind? Use our JetService.

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