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LED Channel Letters

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Here at Daniels, Wholesale Manufacturer of outdoor and indoor lighted signs, all letters are precision crafted, completely welded, and painted per your specifications. Wholesale channel letters are available with or with out Neon or LEDs. All letters are wired with UL or ETL approved components.

We make custom wholesale LED letters to your specifications. Open face channel letters are only available with neon illumination. Reverse Channel letters can be illuminated by both LED and Neon. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Channel letters are becoming one of the best marketing and brand recognition tools available. They represent one of the fastest growing areas of the signage industry. Whether it is indoor our outdoor malls or stand alone shopping center, channel letters are often the best choice available to identify a business. Channel letters come in a wide variety of lettering types, fonts, styles, and LED or Neon illumination.

We are here to accomodate your style and needs. Our expertise and knowledge are always on hand to assist you in making informed decisions about color, lighting, construction and design selections.

  • Letter sizes from ten inches (can be smaller depending on stroke width) up to six feet. For larger sizes please contact us or see custom cabinets.
  • Wide selection of acrylic face and plastic trim cap colors
  • Variety of letter styles to custom logos and lettering for curved or architectural requirements
LED illuminated Channel letter
LED illuminated Channel letter

Stack of Channel letters getting ready to be painted
Stack of Channel letters getting ready to be painted

Variety of LED Letter Types:

  • Standard (interior-lit with plastic faces)
  • Reverse aka Backlit ("halo" lit with protective poly covers)
  • Custom shapes (for logos and symbols)
  • Optional features include non-illuminated, trim capped acrylic faces, stud mounted

Quality Assurance:

  • Computerized manufacturing for consistent fit and finish
  • Leading brand name components
  • UL and ETL labels on completed sets
  • On/off switches
  • Milliamp testing for transformer load calculation
  • Hipot electric continuity test
  • Light meter consistency monitoring
  • All our channel letters are built to U.L. and E.T.L. standards

Anatomy of a Channel Letter:

Anatomy of a Channel Letter
Anatomy of channel letter: Face: Red, Returns: Black, Trim cap: Yellow.

LED Illumination:

LED Illuminated Channel Letters are energy efficient, low voltage, and low maintenance compared to Neon Illuminated ones. The lightweight design of an LED module virtually eliminates breakage. LED Channel Letters provide the opportunity to create savings over a long period of time. Initial cost of this product can be a little higher than neon illuminated letters depending on the color. Red is typically least expensive.

Download LED Installation Manual Below:

Adobe Acrobat Button Page 1 (1.38 Mb), Page 2 (3.54 Mb), Page 3 (4.59 Mb)
Adobe Acrobat Button All Pages (575 Kb)

Contour LED Channel Letters:

Contour LED Channel Signs (also known as Logo Boxes) are a great way to express your custom sign and still get the look of a channel letter. They also can be shaped to any contoured letterstyle or logo. This type of channel sign provides opportunity for creativity with vinyl and digital prints.

Contour Channel Letters Logo Box
Countour Channel Logo Box a.k.a. Custom Logo Box Cabinet.

Custom LED Illuminated Logo Box:

Custom LED Logo signs can be manufactured to any shape, including standard shapes, symbols and business logos. Possibilities are virtually limitless for Custom Logos. If you can dream it, we can make it. As long as we can fit your LED in the product, it can be manufactured.

Custom Logo Box Cabinet - Dickies
Custom Logo Box Cabinet "Dickies"

Front & Backlit LED Channel Letters & Logos:

Front & Back LED Illuminated Channel Letters are constructed to provide not only a front illuminated channel letter but also a reverse "halo" effect. This product can be assembled using one or two colors of illumination. Front & Backlit Open Face Channel Letters can only be illuminated with Neon. Front & Backlit Closed Face Channel Letters can be illuminated with both Neon and LED.

Custom Cabinet with Pan Face and Electronic Message Center Custom Cabinet with Pan Face and Electronic Message Center
Front & Backlit LED Channel Letter - Turned OFF
Front & Backlit LED Channel Letter - Turned ON


  • Triwall boxes with peanuts for individual sets
  • Wooden crating for raceway mounted letters
  • Wiring diagrams and mounting patterns included with equipment

Manufaturing materials and methods:

  • LED: Sloan©, GE Tetra©, Sylvania©, Osram©, Relume©, Lumificient©
  • Plexiglas or Plexiglass LD faces
  • CLN Channel Letter Fabrication machine
  • Letter Lock 4000 fastening system
  • All letter styles & standard colors
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Jewelite© brand trim cap
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long life expectancy, up to 100,000 hours of operation

Mounting options:

  • Individual (surface mounted as individual pieces directly to the wall. Also called Flushmount or Remote Mounted.)
  • Raceway (rectangular box - most popular method)
  • Mounted to a sign cabinet face
Channel Letters on a Raceway
Channel Letters on a raceway

Channel Letters on a Raceway
Channel Letters on a raceway

Letters on a raceway have common wiring and ballasts which run through one or more common raceways. Although initially a little more expensive, the buyer recognizes large savings in installation, maintenance and initial wiring.

Note: Letters mounted directly to the wall will be provided with mounting holes and a pattern unless otherwise specified.

Supply us with the following information for your channel letter order:

  • Letter height, stroke width and overal length of display
  • Supplied vector artwork or font style or name
  • Copy
  • Face Color
  • Trim cap Color
  • Return (side color)
  • Mounting method
  • Raceway color (if used)

Note: Stroke width cannot be less than 1.5 inches.

Best Fonts for LED Channel Letters:

  • Helvetica Medium (Block)
  • Helvetica Bold (Block)
  • Arial Black (Block)
  • Franklin Gothic Demi (Block)
  • Futura Bold (Block)
  • Optima Bold (Block)
  • Impact (Block)
  • Eurostile (Block)
  • Lithograph (Block)
  • Eras Bold (Block)
  • Humanist 777 Bold (Block)
  • Kabel Bold (Block)
  • Exotic350 Bold (Block)
  • Dom Bold (Round)
  • Times Bold (Serif)
  • Bookman Demi (Serif)
  • Clarendon Bold (Serif)
  • Palatino Bold (Serif)
  • Garamond Bold (Serif)
  • Goudy Bold (Serif)
  • Century Schoolbook (Serif)
  • Serifa (Serif)
  • FrizQuadrata (Serif)
  • Copperplate Gothic Bold (Serif)
  • Souvenir Bold (Serif)
  • Cooper Black (Serif/Round)
  • Zapf Chancery (Serif/Italic)
  • Brush Script (Script)
  • Kaufmann Bold (Script)
  • Commercial Script (Script)

Turn Around Time

We offer very competitive turn around times in the industry. Each job is unique and custom. Call us for details with your job specifications. In a bind? Use our JetService.

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